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Reversed contrast
Thomas Huot-Marchand
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Minérale is a typeface that has been designed around unusual stems, whose sides intersect. This design was originally imagined as a geometrical exaggeration of the structure on the serifs, where the central part of the vertical stems are thinned. Here this phenomenon is pushed to the extreme: rather than a flared rectangle, the stem becomes two triangles joined at the tips, creating a clear, almost luminous zone at the centre of the typeface.

Quite sober in its thinnest versions, the typeface becomes more exuberant in its thicker versions: The axis of the thicker and thinner strokes is tilted, resulting in a silhouette close to the “italians”, with their reversed contrast. All of the weights are duplexed: with the lighter and heavier versions occupying exactly the same space, all of the permutations are possible.

Thomas Huot-Marchand (1977) divides his time between teaching, the creation of typographical characters and graphic design. He is director of ANRT (Nancy) since 2012.