Typefaces collection

ENS Éditions

Date: 2020–2022
Type design: Matthieu Cortat, Damien Gautier
Graphic design: Bureau 205
Typefaces: Maax, Zénith

Every year the École normale supérieure of Lyon publishes a number of scientific works, across multiple collections that have been established over the course of its history. To meet the needs of an editorial system designed by Bureau 205, customized versions of the typefaces Zénith by Matthieu Cortat, and Maax by Damien Gautier have been developed.

As part of the project for the Éditions de l’École normale supérieure of Lyon, a long-standing working relationship was established with the type designers. The glyph set for each typeface is expanded and enhanced according to the needs and particularities of both current and future collections. Zénith was completed with a Cyrillic alphabet, and Maax with Greek, Cyrillic, and phonetic alphabets. These different scripts are all part of the 205TF catalogue.