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A typeface is a piece of software. As with software, a typeface can not be installed without the prior acquisition of an appropriate license for the planned use. If you are not in possession of such a license, you may not copy the files and you may not install the typeface. As with music, a typeface is protected by active copyright laws and the French Intellectual Property Code that, even after the acquisition of such a license, remains inalienable, irrespective of the country of exploitation.

When you install a 205TF typeface, you accept the terms of the license that outlines and details the rules and framework of the use of such a typeface, with the full text available here:

A license is nominative and tied to a legal entity (legal person) or to a physical person.

  • The license holder recognises that the typeface is a creation and is by this fact protected by intellectual property rights. The person agrees to not modify the typeface in any way.
  • Licenses are strictly non transferrable.
  • The nature of the license is defined as a function of the planned and/or intended use of the typeface: Desktop, ​Web​, ​Application/Ebook, ​TV/W​eb videos, ​Logo use. The license acquirer certifies the validity of the information that is transmitted.
  • In the case of all and any evolution concerning this information the licensee agrees to update the license and / or licenses that they have acquired.
  • The typefaces distributed through the 205TF website can not be used for purposes that have been prohibited by 20STF. In addition, certain uses may be subject to prior authorisation.
  • Any transfer, whether it be occasional or permanent, or sharing of a typeface is strictly prohibited. The license holder agrees to not distribute the files that have been transmitted to them.
  • The license holder agrees to protect files that have been transmitted from being copied by others. They agree to be responsible for informing all collaborators and any persons having access to the transmitted files of the terms of the current license.
  • Only one back up copy is authorised
Any violation of this agreement may lead to legal action, 205TF carries out regular monitoring.

> To see the full text of the licence terms

> Consulter le texte intégral des termes de la licence