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Date: 2021
Type design: Thomas Huot-Marchand
Graphic design: Interbrand
Typeface: BUGATTI

At the pinnacle of the automotive industry for over 110 years, BUGATTI has revealed its new corporate identity and corporate design. The automotive brand has partnered with the world-leading branding consultancy Interbrand to design its new identity. Interbrand relied on the typographic expertise of the 205TF foundry and type designer Thomas Huot-Marchand to develop an exclusive typographic system that reflects BUGATTI’s brand promise.

The type family designed by Thomas Huot-Marchand is composed of three styles that accurately meet the typographic needs of the brand. BUGATTI Display is an uppercase-only font for headings. BUGATTI Text is a variable font for classic text typography and readability purposes. And BUGATTI Mono is a monospace font ideal for highlighting technical information. The exclusive BUGATTI typeface encapsulates the iconic heritage of the brand while affirming its boldness and modernity.