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Utah Jazz

Date: 2021–2022
Type design: Damien Gautier
Graphic design: Utah Jazz, The New Company
Typeface: Plaak

Utah Jazz is a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Salt Lake City, USA. For the renewal of the team’s visual identity, we created a customized version of our Plaak typeface. It is featured on a range of different materials, including the players’ jerseys.

Working with Damien Gautier, who designed Plaak, we have created a customized version of the typeface. Depending on the set width, Plaak’s counters possess smooth edges. To bring this typeface closer to the typographic language of American sports, we designed rectangular counters. This transformation of the design is in keeping with the typeface’s vernacular origins. This same principle has been applied to different set widths, offering a broad typographic palette that is perfectly adapted to the visual identity of the Utah Jazz team.