Typefaces collection


Date: 2021
Type design: Damien Gautier
Graphic design: Bureau 205
Typeface: Maax Mono Stencil

When designing the signage system for the Eklaa building, Bureau 205 called on our foundry to develop a customized version of the typeface Maax Mono. Designed by architects AFAA, this building was designed as a transparent envelope that strongly emphasizes natural light. The graphic designers developed a signage system that plays with the sunlight in the common areas.

In close collaboration with Damien Gautier, the creator of Maax Mono, we developed a new Stencil style. Each glyph was cut out in order to obtain a stencil version. This customized version of the typeface allowed Bureau 205 to respond to the constraints specific to the installation of signage, and to play with the building’s natural light in order to create shadow effects.

Initially used exclusively for this signage project, Maax Mono Stencil was expanded in order to respond to other contexts of use. We designed a more discreet Semi Stencil version with openings positioned only at the counters. In addition to this, each Regular style is completed by a Bold. These different styles of the Maax Mono Stencil typeface are currently available in our catalogue.